Sometime last week while we were in the Mitsubishi showroom in Bangalore to book our Cedia (yup we are getting a Cedia sports, more about that later)I was generally checking out the Montero standing there (its a fab SUV BTW), I saw this coming and taking a look at it too… he looked like a man who has lots of money but not enough elegance and grace to deal with it I guess most of u would understand what I am talking about… While both of us were looking at the car we started doing some small talk regarding how bad the roads of Bangalore are and only a SUV is a comfortable drive these days, I agreed with his point and went back to my Cedia… after sometime the salesman starting talking about him and told him that just some months back he has sold this guy a Pajero and now he is looking at a BMW/Montero, we both said wow seems to be a rich guy… is he in some business and now and thak comes the reply… he is a PWD engineer… and then me and my husband said together no wonder the roads of Bangalore are so bad 😦 God knows when will the corruption in India go down…