Its been a long time I have posted something for that matter its been a long time I have read any blog too… my laptop had crashed and then I had to reinstall everything etc…

Things are mostly the sam not changed much, still hunting for a job its been almost 2.5 months now, one of the offer had almost finalised and then that req went on freeze so hardluck there too, now tou I have even stopped asking why me…. ‘

Ojas’s nanny also is leaving as her husband is coming along with her mil to get some treatment and she has to play the bahu now so maid hunting has also started along with the job hunting I hope I find atleast one of them soon.. SO all in all teh depression continues the only stress buster being my darling little boy’s smile and cooking, I am doing a lot of experiments in the kitchen these days and lots of them are turning nice, may I will start a cooking blog as my sis suggested….