Finally I managed to watch Taare Zameen Par this weekend. Since it promos began I was desperate to watch but knew that it wont be soon as release date was too close to my due date so a little delayed but nonetheless I did it. And I must expect that Aamir Khan exceeded all expectations I had of him (and this I am saying being a huge aamir fan).

Right from the first scene till the end I was impressed with the detailing that was in the movie. Infact I would say that the movie had the best opening credits I have seen in the recent times how well it gelled with the movie.I have always been a aamir khan fan so his doing a fantastic job didnt really surprised me, but i was actually taken aback by darsheel’s performance. What a power packed performance by a little kid, hats off… there are scenes in which his expressions and eyes have spoken so much eg the scene in which he sees the poor son and father having ice gola together, the scene in which he says sorry to his father and then when realizes that his father is just going for a short trip his apology instantly changes to anger, and towards the end there were so many of them but one thats left a lasting impression on my mind is when he sees and then a cries a little when he sees that aamir has made his painting, the look that says it all, the no of emotions that guy has gone through. bravo kid.

And the other person which is getting added to my favorites list after taare is Prasoon Joshi… what wonders he has done with the lyrics each and everyone song, my personal fav is tittle track though the song mujhe lagta hai darr also has capability to move u to tears.

All in all I am glad i saw the movie…. fantastic one, infact one of the best i have seen in quite some time