Doesnt the tittle seem right out of a corporate presentation I guess this is the result of 8 yrs in the corporate world everything is talked about in terms of quarters and specially so for Naren who is in sales, anyways coming to what this post is about my darling prince OJAS has completed one quarter in this world he has turned 3 months old today 🙂

So here’s wishing u a very happy 3-month birthday Ojas my darling

The past three months have been a roller coaster ride in every term dealing with the emotions, postpartum depression, real highs seeing the baby and realsing u have actually procreated, sleepless nights, shit cleaning and nappy changes, troublesome feeding sessions and then feeling elated when the baby grins after a satisfying meal, terrible attack of nappy rash and dealing with it, dealing with my little one’s colic for about a month, bloating with happiness seeing him enjoy his bath so much at this age, getting frantic and checking on him again and again if he sleeps a little longer, all this and more….

Fortunately now things are falling in place as he is getting used to of the world and I am getting used to him, these days there are only pleasure times, watching him coo back at u, smile at u makes u feel that whatever trouble one goes this is totally worth. I think I can now confidently say I am so much in love with my soon, our little prince it that he is the best thing that is happened to me ofcourse after meeting his father 🙂

Hope to enjoy motherhood even more and having fun watching him grow, to cherish all my memories and to share them with him when he grows up I have started a new blog…. will be updating it regularly, u can find the link in the sidebar.

Atlast I would just say that I agree with whoever said that motherhood is bliss it truly is…………….