I have been reading a lot these days (one of the reasons being lack of anything else to do and loads of time on hand). I have come across many decent and good books during this time but this is one book that I would like to recommend to everyone. Its a beautiful story told even more beautifully with loads of emotions and brilliant language.

Its a story of Henry and Clare who met when Clare was 6 and Henry 31 and were married when Clare 22 and Henry 30, sounds strange right? Its basically a story of a man who time travels…

It is a story with freshness… Its a story of struggle that Henry and Clare do to be able to live a normal life in abnormal circumstances… Its a love story with a difference…

Would leave the rest for u to discover… do check it out…

Some links hat provide more info:
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PS: Anyone read a book recently that u would like to recommend??? Me running short of books to read now 🙂