Sunita tagged me, so here goes the 8 things about me tag….

1.I am a perfect example of a sine wave when it comes to weight, going up and down all the time. I have clothes of atleast 4 sizes in my wardrobe at any given time all of which I am able to wear in the same month 🙂

2.I can’t stand even the smallest bit of violence against children, not even a little slap once in a while. There are people who have argued with me lots of times that little bit is ok but for me its an absolute no no. i just cant understand how people loose patience with children though I am not sure how will I behave with my children when I have them

3.I hate mangoes and I love musk melons. I can eat them morning, afternoon, evening, night and I think I am capable of surviving just on them for days 🙂

4.How much ever errie it does sound, I get a same dream every year on my birthday… A dream in which I am running running and then falling into a well. Never tried to figure out what it really means and signifies. I guess I dont want to or may be dont have the guts too.

5.I have an OCD for washing hands. I wash my hands everytime I touch something new or different. On an average I wash my hands 20-30 times a day and I always carry a hand santizier with me.

6.I love cooking ands its like a therapy to me, all my tensions, anger depression etc just vanishes after an hour spend in the kitchen. My husband jokes that I cook better after I have fought with him.

7.I love just lying on my back on the terrace or the grass and watching clouds take various shapes… teddy bear, stars, apple anything. I make the most amusing shapes out of it.

8.I love driving and travelling and I think thats my biggest passion in life. Someday I want to buy a mobile home and go driving around the world 🙂

Now comes the more difficult part passing on the tag… so i leave it open for whoever wants to take it….