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I went to this restaurant yesterday called “South Indies” located on the 100ft road Indira Nagar, Bangalore. it was basically a impromptu as i have very hungry and saw this nice looking place so decided to grab a bite but I was pleasantly surprised when I went in. Its basically an upmarket south indian restaurant with excellent tasting food…

Everything there will make you feel good, right from the seating to the menu which is very interestingly designed based on the four south Indian states. Serving the regular as well as less known authentic south indian dishes. The menu starts with the chef saying that he had never heard someone say that we partied at so and so south indian restaurant and the south indian food is always ignored and limited to idly dosa and hence he has started this place… and I think he has really achieved it he has taken the south indian eating to a different level.

The restaurant has multiple wings:
1. All Day dining restaurant
2. South Square, which is basically a live kitchen
3. Upsouth, the lounge where u can sip some wine along some spicy south indian food
4. Suits and Sofas, the business lounge
5. pdr , the private dining and conference area
6. r.s.v.p , the party place

Most of them are open all day long apart from south square which is evening affair

We ordered a podi idly and a potato dish with akki roti, along with some filter coffee and kasi halwa as desert. Though I would say the halwa was bit too sweet for my taste but I would say I had an excellent meal and different one too for that matter.

When all this is packaged it’ll come at a price too and the prices are slightly on the higher side and the meal for two would cost u anywhere between Rs. 600-800. But I would strongly recommend this to one and all its certainly worth it….

PS: for more details u can check out the site South Indies