Three things I’d like to do

Loose lots of weight
Go on a world tour in a mobile home
Settle in a village doing organic farming and teaching village children

Three things I hate to do

Go on that treadmill
Fight with someone close
Wash utensils

Three people whom I’d like to meet

Sonia Gandhi
Aamir Khan
Kiran Bedi

Three things I long to have

Mobile Home
Control on my temper
Patience oodles of it 

Three things that make me glad

Bringning a smile on someone’s face

Three things that make me sad

Children playing more with the computers and mobiles than out there in the street.

Three things that break my heart

Disrespect towards women
Hitting Children
Child Labour

Three things that I like to dream about

Equality for women
100% literacy in India (in the real sense not just defined by being able to sign)
Having a lovely cute daughter

Three things that need to be stopped

Street Harassment & sexual abuse
Child molestation
Corruption in the system

Three people I like to tag