Date : April 29, 2005
Time : 1300 hrs
Place : Ebony, 13th floor terrace, Bangalore

Two souls trying to know each other with an interest to analyze their chances of being together for life were meeting here for the second time… The feelings were mixed… Comfort was surely there… The conversations were ranging from work, bosses, friends, drinking and numerous other things. Totally caught up in the conversation somewhere they figured out that they both love driving, it’s a passion that they both share and then started the discussions on the long drives… Various drives one had taken and some they wished to take, M mentioned that she had once discussed with some friends regarding driving from Delhi to Blore but couldn’t make and N immediately saying we’ll go together one day… The sentence did do wonders and the delhi blore drive became our dream from the second time we met… Finally about 1.5 years later on Oct 8, 2006 we managed to make the dream come true… Read on…

The Dream Drive