Euthanasia (from Greek: ευθανασία -ευ, eu, “good”, θάνατος, thanatos, death) is the practice of terminating the life of a person or animal in a painless or minimally painful way in order to stop suffering or other undesired conditions in life. This may be voluntary or involuntary, and carried out with or without a physician. In a medical environment, this can be carried out by oral, intravenous or intramuscular drug administration

Recently I saw one of my husband’s aunt whom I was also pretty found of struggling with her life, each day, each moment difficult for her. She mentioning time and again that I want to die and the last day of her life in a way that we all couldn’t even understand well… She was suffering from metasis cancer which is the stage IV cancer and all the doctors in India had given up saying that its all in God’s hands now, somewhere deep inside I wanted to tell them u are our Gods please do something but then I knew that there are some things in which the human Gods still can’t help, things in which science has really not gone far ahead to overcome and Death being the top one in them.

When I was seeing her suffering in the hospital the thought that I always use to think about but was somewhere not too sure became so clear in my mind. No one in this world deserves to suffer like this, She most certainly didn’t… I am no expert in speaking about Euthanasia but so many times in the past two months I really felt the need of it, thinking how much relief would it provide her, so many times in the past two months I thought of the fact that I would never want to suffer like this….

Certainly as all things there are positives and negatives of Euthanasia also but I personally think that if we think of the patient the positive greatly outnumber the negatives. This aunt of mine in her last days always used to mention that I don’t want people to remember me like this but isn’t it human to remember someone as u last saw them… isn’t it fair enough to let them go at a time when they are feeling good abt themselves and the world. I feel it is…. It may be wrong or right, I know it’s a very controversial topic and I don’t want to make a generic statement with this article but what I want to do with small write up is that tell everyone who knows me that if I ever get in that situation I want Euthanasia to be practiced on me, This can be considered my living will for that… I don’t wish to go on that Life support system lying there like an object… I want to die when I am feeling good about myself so that people can remember me like that…. I want to live till all of me is living……….

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PPS: Want to dedicate this post to her and wishing that her soul rests in peace always…