World AIDS day…

Today is world’s AIDS day and I there could not be a better time to write on a topic that I had been thinking of so long. There has been this debate going on in the press for quite some time now as in whether the HIV test before marriage made compulsory or not. I am in total support of it and I think it’s a really important step to take. The other day I was watching NDTV and they had picked up some college students and ask them to debate on this, I was shocked to hear their reactions they were talking things like there is a social stigma attached to HIV test etc etc. and then I realised that the problem in India more than anything else is the mindset. What we need to change is the mindset towards people who have AIDS and the outlook to how to deal with the disease. According to me following are the few steps which can help deal with it to an extent. Feel free to add more.

make pre marital HIV test compulsory
make pre conception HIV test compulsory
help the prostitutes and give them a new life and in worst case circumstances atleast educate them to plain blank refuse to have sex without condoms
do a lot of campaigning to remove the social stigma attached to AIDS
give sex education at all levels
stop child marriages
and there could be endless such things.

I urge each one to atleast take up their own responsibility on this day.