Undoubtedly we all love crackers and they look amazing…. the phuljhadi’s… jumping in the glochakkars, the loud burst of a bijli bomb, the lovely sliver, golden and colorful flower pots, the rockets going high up in the sky, the aerial crackers with loads of colors in it…. We enjoy them all….

But have u ever thought what goes behind and after the one hour of enjoyment? There are thousands of people suffering from asthma who spend their diwali nights in hospitals because of our one hour enjoyment…. Hundreds of new born babies who never really live their lifes because we choose to let some our wishes fly high in the sky along with the rockets…. Thousands of children of the age of may be your own child playing with that phuljhadi loose 2 yrs of their age and get loads of lungs problem, some of them never recover… and this is ignoring that their making the crackers is a crime in itself…

According to the pollution board statistics the air pollution created in 2 hours of diwali day in delhi last year was equal to the vehicular pollution created in 6 months… and it keeps the air pollution level much above permissible levels for 3 months….

Think of it is the 2 hours of crackers really worth all this??? I said no to crackers 3 years back and have very happy with the decision

This Diwali I urge u to say no to crackers and illuminate someone’s life instead…