Yesterday night I had dream… still in the hang over of that dream… I dreamt that both me and naren (my dear husband) have given up our jobs, put our house on rent and started off for a long journey…. A totally unplanned journey without any destination fixed, without attaching any duration to it… just picked up our safari and off we go. We started driving and whop we are on a brilliant four lane highway – the golden quadrilateral (whether its actually golden yet or not but my dream surely portrayed it as golden I guess diamond will be better 🙂 )… we keep halting at places and enjoying cities like Pune, Bombay, Surat (I even bought diamond earrings) and then in the land of palaces and dunes – “Udaipur”… we spend about a week there dancing away with the wanderers in the dunes, enjoying the spicy kadhi and the yummy dal batii churma and then suddenly in the next blink I am in the lap of Himalayas… enjoying the circular and spiral drive of Himalayas, it was heaven…

and gosh suddenly something goes beep beep beep beep and it’s the alarm in cell phone 😦 breaking the dream and bringing me back to reality, reality of the daily routine life, reminder that its time to start the daily mundane tasks….

Though thrilled but still wondering… may be the dream is the after effect of the Himalayan and driving vacation I just came back from or may be it’s the answer to the question that I have searching for long… still wondering….

PS: I wrote it amidst a boring quality meeting in office… and I am so thrilled about that J