This is story of two friends, friends who were almost one soul and two bodies…. Friends who mattered so much to each other that people were actually jealous of them… they used to work together play together…

she knew she could call him for anything at any time and he would be there… she knew she could shout at him and he will listen…

he knew that if he says something she will do it, if he wants something she will get it………..

then what happened to their relation suddenly… why can’t they understand each other anymore? Why can’t they love each other the same way they used to? Why have they suddenly became so intolerant of each other? Where is the friendship the most beautiful relation on earth gone? Agreed that they both have more people in their lives now… they are both married and have their families bole tou husband and wife but does that change things so much?

Why can’t I have my friend the way he used to be…. Why can’t I become to him the way he wants me to be?