I have always been impressed rather amazed by Chameleons….. the way they change the color to adapt the environment around them…. To make it easier for them to survive… There is a garden lizard in my garden which partly does do that… everytime I see the creature I see him with different color….and I always wonder will I be lucky enough to see it changing color one day…. God decided to fulfill my wish and in a much greater way…. Suddenly I have these creatures all around me and that too pretty enhanced versions which not only change colors in a jiffy but they can talk too… “the talking chameleons“….these are the creatures who probably change colors much faster than the original ones and are surely far too dangerous than the original species probably there motive is also the same make it easier for them to survive… 🙂 anyways let me get back to work before one of the members of this amazing species comes again to fascinate me