I just went on a small trek last weekend and while walking through the wilderness noticed lots of ant houses – small and big… in all shapes and sizes… was wondering how come these tiny animals can make such huge structures… was just pondering over the thought and observing the ants work hard really very hard and after… it was an amazing site and I was totally engrossed in the scene and then suddenly I saw a snake entering the ant house and my husband casually mentioned the lazy and the clever snake now will live in the house made by ants… that simple sentence triggered a train of thought in my mind…. Isn’t that what happens all around us all the time?

The hard working people will really slog and get something done and then a clever and lazy boss will come sit on top of it and take all the credit and benefit of the work….

A laborer working hard in the sun for the building construction, the entire family seating it out and go gets the benefit the big builder….

I agree with the theory of “Survival of the fittest”…. But is this the survival of the fittest???
Do the ants and the snake teach us a lesson of life?