“don’t move……”
“Hide behind the bushes…”
“What a terrific site”
“watch out for the rumbling around u”

If u are wondering what is this all, these are some of the sentences Mr. Panna Lala had a bison 300ms away in a sight…. Here is the pic we took of course zoomed in like crazy else the bison were just 2 black spots

This is what is Panna Lal Bellikal walle… Quite an amazing being, I don’t think I have ever seen such a hyper character (and coming from me that is quite something as I myself am quite hyper J ) I am sure Panna lal will be devastated if he knows that later on the way back we spotted 2 bison’s on the road just 2 feets away stopped the car there and took a pic…

Actually he would so easily fit in a character in the malgudi day’s kind of book…. He will surely be a writer’s delight…. If he can make me to write something than any good writer will be truly inspired…

Here are the few of his characteristics I will like to dwell upon and sight some interesting stories on that….

1. Hyper active and hyper reactive basically a hyper guy: as I have already mentioned before he is quite a hyper guy… Every time he sees a good view he will loose his breath and then “say what a terrific site” and this is when he is living there from ages…. I was amazed at the passion and dedication he had for nature and beauty and at the same time wondering was it put up? Was it artificial? Can’t say for sure… seemed more towards reality…

2. Fear is his strength: seriously not kidding, I think he is a extremely darpook guy but has made his fear his strength… u should see him jumping on the slightest voice from the jungle and then he will make it look like he is excited and not scared….

3. Excellent wardrobe: this guy has a set of clothes and shoes for everything he does, when he came to receive us he was wearing something else, when he took us for first walk he was wearing something else, for the second walk something else, for the night camp fire something else… and this never ends…. Quite a cloth buff I must tell u

4. fear playing a game again this time for real: in the night we all decided to have a couple of drinks to beat the cold and to keep in the mood of vacation…. We asked him if he would have a drink and he said “no thanks” when Naren asked him u don’t drink he said “never had chance to” and then my sister aparna suddenly decides that she wants to be extra happy today (basically she is one of those characters who become merry and happy after a drink) and took some 5 drinks and then u should have seen our dear panna lal…. How I wish I could have taken a video of him… poor guy was shit scared and was sacred till the next morning and wanted us to let her sleep as long as she wanted….

I would really urge u all to go visit Bellikal once… one it’s a lovely place and two but the more important one… U HAVE PANNA LAL THERE J u got to meet him to understand what he is… no amount of words (atelast from me) can do justice to him………

I dedicate my post to Mr. Panna Lal… who made our vacation to Bellikal a total hiliariuos one………… Wow !!!! Mr. Panna Lal… Keep it up

PS: this post is to be taken in sporty manner…. No pun intended… its just that u don’t find some passionate and sincere guys these days and when u find them they leave u totally amused and so did Mr. Panna Lal… I really admire his passion and sincerity