I went to watch the movie day before yesterday and how badly that stuck a chord… 100 marks to Madhur Bhandarkar to bring out the dirty ruthless corporate power game on the screen so beautifully. It made me wonder and think even hard on some on the facts that were bothering me for quite some time now.

Does the corporate word have little bit of humanity forget about a heart?
Is it rising up in corporate only a matter how much boss licking u can manage?
How much u can boast about your one small success?
How much are you capable of finding a scapegoat for the biggest mistake you make?
Is there anything called a work life balance in corporate?

And many more such questions. In a nutshell Is a struggling fast track corporate career really worth?

I have working in the corporate for about 7 years now and everytime I think I understand it quite a bit someone comes up something that surprises me to the core. A boss taking the credit of all his subordinates work, putting all the blame on the subordinate if something goes wrong is such a common thing followed consistenly all across the corportate that it seems difficult to go against it even if u want to. If u try and play a truthful game someone else most likely ur own boss will come and shatter u to pieces and u’ll play the price of being so… I am not saying that we have all bad people… at heart somewhere I am sure we all feel guilty of doing all this (yes I am sure I am doing it too consciously or unconsciously) but I guess the power has made us so hungry that we are ready to go to any extend to rise…

But is this what we want from our lives? Is this where we shoul be heading to? I guess the answer to this lies in one’s personal priorities and the way they want to lead their life.

Personally I feel quite trapped and suffocated at times and extremely elated at others but offlate I am getting sure of myself that this is not what I want to do in the long run… just wondering what is that I want to do though 🙂