He is an orphan
Lives in this Home
Called SOS Children’s Village

My name is Akhil, he said
I live here in home number 7
Do you like this place? I asked
I love it, he said!

He must be around 8 years of age
With energy in abundance
Simplicity and happiness writ large on his face
He collected nectar from those bright orange flowers

I was busy planting trees
And taking pictures of other volunteers
When my camera caught him in a candid shot
He turned around like a deer caught by a flash of light

I showed him the picture
You caught me with that flower in my mouth
He said innocently
His friends came running to catch a glimpse of the picture

It was just a passing moment
I got back to my job of planting trees
And forgot all about it

But now, as I download the pictures
This one caught my attention

I am so glad I took that picture
I have him, his energy, innocence and happiness
All in this frozen shot

I shall keep it
May be on my desktop
For it will help me remember
That happiness is not what you find at the end of a tunnel
It’s what you experience right through the journey
That’ll take you to the end of the tunnel

Most times we are so caught up with I, Me, My problems, My life
Well, let’s spare some time to meet and share a happy moment with an Akhil
Who is right there in front of you, just next to you, all around you…

PS: Wrote in long back and just saw it today while searching for something and decided to post it.