I started from home in a very enthusiastic mood, very fresh, very clean… of course the weekend is here is what I was thinking… planning what’ll do and driving my way to office and suddenly someone put a brake at my thoughts, someone woke me up from my clean and tidy world of dreams, someone from the car in the front threw out some garbage – precisely it looked like some breakfast leftover (banana peels and stuff like that) the garbage he threw went and hit a poor biker who in shock as well as lack of visibility for a second just went and hit the divider… and that man didn’t even bother to look back. Don’t people have a heart? Don’t people have a soul a conscious?

All my clean dreams were shattered by an ugly and bloody reality. I took the biker to the nearby doctor and got him bandaged luckily he is not hurt too badly.

But was wondering that when will people get human enough to see the pain that they have caused to others… was wondering when will people get civic enough to think that they are clean when the environment around them is…. WHEN???