I was reading my sister’s blog and read a beautifully written story on a very difficult problem, the story moved me, made me cry… shook me up… I asked myself are these people really human? Or is it the devil inside them which takes over when they are behaving like that… the problem my dear friend is CHILD MOLESTATION… a problem which I guess has been there for quite long now to be ignored, to be suppressed, to be covered under the blankets.. a problem which needs to be dealt with, a problem each of us needs to be aware about, a problem which every mother needs to stand against, a problem which every female needs to stand against, a problem which every human needs to stand against…

The story reminded me of numerous incidents that I have heard from known people on this, incidents in which nothing has been done but ignore the devil and let the poor child suffer… girls 6 yrs old and once a girl even as young as 3 months…. Can u imagine this? The thought makes me want to throw up, the thought makes me want to kill those devils…. I have heard a lady crying and telling her daughter that I wish u were not born the hurt u are getting is not worth living but that lady didn’t had the courage to confront her brother in law responsible for the girl’s hurt

Someday I really want to do something about it but what pains me even more is that I what can do right now or rather all that I am doing today is talk about it… write about it… I feel ashamed of myself… I feel like the part of the crime… I feel like a devil myself….