So this the first blog I am writing, actually I am not too much of a writer anyways but somehow what has been happening in the narmada dam issue from quite some time made me think and eventually write

Have been thinking about the way people are pounding on aamir khan’s voice to narmada calling it a publicity gimmick, RDB hangover, saying that a person who endorses Coke how can he talk anything abt social cause… was wondering isn’t stretching it a little too far… I mean we keep saying that in India people don’t anything for the country they are just busy in their own lives, no one bothers about what is happening to India as a whole but look what we do to a person when he actually comes forward to raise his voice…. In situations like this how do u think a common man will ever dare to say anything one a celebrity like aamir is thrashed when he speaks up his mind…

Okay let me not dwell deeper into the discussion whether he needs any publicity gimmicks or was it a publicity gimmick but even if we leave all these things aside tell me one thing even if it was for publicity whats wrong in it as long as it results in win-win for all??? After all we are all human beings and whatever we is ultimately for self in some way or the other… in addition to giving him publicity did it not bring a mid way solution to the problem that has been hanging for so long, for how long could be have medha fasting? This way we would lost her…. Is that what was acceptable to people…. Hundred’s of farmers with families have not been rehabilitated, how long could they be without homes? And at the same time can we ignore the plight of the thousand’s of people who are suffering because of no water in Gujarat… aamir even accepted in his modesty that he is really not a technical person and is trying to raise his voice against what he thinks is wrong… should we all not be thankful to him

But we instead we throw brickbats at him cause he endorses COKE…. I find it a little ridiculous frankly… okay we all know that coke is bad for health, it can give cancer, it can decay teeth, bones blah blah but give me a list of 100 youngsters who have left COKE/PEPSI because of the same reason I bet u can’t or tell me how many of us drink coke because aamir endorses it or how many of us drink pepsi because srk endorses it… we drink because it blends with the way we live and its certainly not fair to blame stars for that….

What I am shocked abt is that we are even criticizing him for the good thing, RDB hangover… do we really want him to have no changes after RDB…. Tell me truly didn’t RDB move u…. didn’t u have a RDB hangover? Didn’t u feel like doing something for the country after seeing that movie and if 3 hrs of watching did that to u and me why can’t it change the actor who has worked on it for 6 months… is the hangover and learning from it not fair enough and I think I would pass my appreciation to him for that…

In the end the only thing I want to say is that its not about aamir, its not about anyone else… its about u me and our country… its about the fact that I think India needs rather we as Indians need to grow out of our criticism mode, we need to grow out of dissecting each issue till the issue is forgotten and some other peripheries become important… we need to grow upto giving the credit to someone how much ever small it is… as only when one person is appreciated of raising the voice will the nation, the generation awaken… and yes I am proud to have a RDB hangover and wish that each one of us has it and does something in it…….