Shifting and the never ending settling


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So we moved back to our old house (we know like to call it the new old house) about 1.5 months ago. From some basic interior and painting work starting about 2.5 months, life has been absolutely crazy. From doing a trip to the other part of the city everyday and sometimes even twice a day along with work that was at its peak, I had a crazy crazy time. Initially at the way the work was going, we were in big doubts on how will we ever move back this way but somehow we managed to move back. Painters and Carpenters still working and we moved it. Let me tell you DON’T EVER DO THAT ;)

Phew we came from one disaster to another, the dust, the stress of managing so many people in the house. It was something. Finally those people have moved out of the house too (or so I think since there was a carpenter working in the house yesterday as well and I think a painter coming in today) but if you think my life would be easier now, my dear friends don’t be under an illusion.

Since we have moved back to the house, its been one disaster after another. The UPS stop working, the water motor gave up, the RO system got stuck, the gas hob wouldn’t light, the AC remote got lost and the latest and the biggest “The Water Mystery”

So since past 5 days, we are getting water tankers, pumping it from the sump to the overhand tanker and within about half an hour the tank is empty. Yes we get it indicates leakage somewhere but the issue. We can’t find the F&%*ing leakage. All the taps, bathrooms and other water outlets have been checked. We have even got a plumber who came and checked and said he is as clueless as us on what is happening. There is no seepage anywhere in the house to indicate an internal pipe leakage. Yes it’s a mystery yet to be solved, I just wish I had Cumberbatch to come and solve it for me

And in the midst of all this nonsense, food and cooking is the one which is taking the backseat. If we are getting food on table, I have two people to thank for. One my lovely househelp Sunita who is experimenting with recipes and cooking for us when we are in the middle of all nonsense and second is foodpanda, the online food ordering portal which has made my life easier. Quick and easy ordering which I have tried multiple times only to happy each time. They even have a android and iPhone app which makes the task of ordering even easier. God bless the people who think and come up which such ventures :)

So people wish me luck in solving the mystery and send me Cumberbatch if you can ;)



No, I don’t need a sea for swimming

I think I have said it before but sometimes one thing needs to be said over and over again

I DO NOT APPRECIATE JOKES ON WEIGHT, or skin color or height. Basically I don’t understand jokes made on anyone’s physical appearance.

I often wonder what is that makes us laugh on people who are fat or are not fair or very thin or very short. Is it how they choose to be? Do we even realise what this could do to their self respect or image? And I am not saying this just because I am fat and I have been a target of such jokes almost all my life. 37 years of my living and I don’t care a shit about them. I have learnt to ignore them, turn a deaf ear to those who are cracking these jokes.

But something happened over the last two weeks that has made me think again, in one of the workshops I was taking a child told another child that you won’t be able to do this “since you are fat” and walked away smiling actually almost laughing and in a minute I saw that smile vanish, the twinkle in the eyes of the little boy vanished away for a second before he probably decided in his mind that no he will not cry and I saw a forced smile returned back on his face but I could see through that fake smile very easily. I have been there myself, way too often during childhood. I just went and hugged that boy and gave him a task to do and kept wondering if I should have a small little conversation with that girl who had called him fat but I never did and then we got busy with the rest of the workshop

And then today a group I am part which has friends I am close too, cracked a joke about my weight. I know they don’t mean bad, that we are all mostly (actually almost) just cracking jokes and having fun by insulting each other, that’s the way the group is but suddenly that joke again reminded me of that little boy and the sadness in his eyes for a spilt second before he put on that fake smile for the world again and it reminded me of the fact that why I don’t find these jokes funny. I also feel that till we adults stop cracking these jokes, the message that goes to kids is that these jokes are ok.

Reminded me that more often than not while we laugh for a minute on the joke, we don’t even think that unnecessary comment may be scarring a little child or even a big person for life.

So folks can I just request you next time you want to make a joke on someone’s weight or height or color do think about how that person feels for a second. It probably do you some good too

LRP – 9 (Dear Professional Photographers)



Dear Professional Photographers,

Didn’t they teach you that it’s wrong to click pictures of people at work who are bent with their bums sticking out?

Didn’t they teach you not to publish the pictures in which the sticking out bum is half of the photo

Next time you do that, promise I will hunt you down and share the picture of your bum on every social media site possible

Yours Truly

A person with a big bum

And dear rest of the readers,

No I will not share or tell you where the pictures are :P

Day 1 : Fly


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This was taken a couple of years ago at Solang Valley, Manali.

A group of us after planning for two years were all set for our driving trip to Manali-Leh and back. We flew to Delhi and then drove to Manali, we were to halt there for one evening and start our drive next morning but luck is something we guys are always running short on specially when it comes to Leh and in the month of August (when it usually is very clear), Rohtang pass had a landslide and it was closed. We were told to wait, heart-broken we decided to wait it out and while we were waiting and playing board games someone suggested a trip to Solang valley and we said why not.

So a little dejected but with hopes to make hay of whatever we get (since there wasn’t much sunshine anyways) we reached Solang and OMG when we heard that may be able to do paragliding there we were so happy

Solang Valley Manali was a treat to eyes… Tall trees, lush green, lovely drizzle , zorbing and other sports and a rope way as the bonus. Picture Perfect setting really. We asked around and yet again hopes were shattered saying it’s about to rain, no visibility and hence Paragliding might not happen. We waited and waited for what seemed like many days but actually were only a couple of hours before the sky cleared a bit and then suddenly someone came and said “Paragliding is open for today”. We all did a happy dance and proceeded to take the cable car to the top of the hill, where the view kind of had us awe stuck.

An Unplanned downhill trek on a very slushy and slippery terrain followed, and I think I made a record for slipping that day since I wasn’t wearing trekking shoes, but it lead us to one of the highlights of the trip so no regret there.

At the end we did it and boy it was no less than flying. Beautiful, beautiful feeling indeed.

So now I have done parasailing, paragliding, rock climbing, bungee jumping. Next in my list is sky diving :)

PS: This post is in response to the event  Feb Challenge : A story for every picture, a picture for every story on the Marathon Bloggers group on FB.

PPS: Picture not clicked by me

And we failed at Day 26…..


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25 days, I lasted that much. I still can’t believe it. When I started the challenge I thought I would fail at Day 2. I mean really I thought so. Yes people I am talking of the Orange Rhino Project.

26 days ago I had taken the pledge to not scream on O but this morning, I lost it. I woke up with a headache and the child was creating a fuss for everything. I don’t want to eat this, I don’t want to brush. I don’t want to, I don’t want to, I don’t want to….

Sigh with hubby traveling I lost it and screamed, screamed “shatup, I don’t want to hear a word” and the minutes those words came out of my mouth, I regretted them I know none of this is an excuse and the deed is done and I have gone back to Day 0.

But I am not giving up, re-starting the counter I am back to the no screaming zone, wish me luck yet again


55 word fiction : They said he died because they wouldn’t accept him


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They said he died because they wouldn’t accept him.

They said he died because they got him married hoping it would cure him.

They said he died because he stopped loving.

They said he died because they could not find him smiling anymore.

They said he died because just breathing isn’t living after all


And with this we have finished a week of 55 word fiction on Marathon Bloggers. A week of fiction in Jan. I am happy with myself and my fellow bloggers. Here’s to more such challenges

55 word fiction : She looked deep into her eyes


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She looked deep into her eyes not able to bear the emptiness in them, searching for the innocence they had held in them, the dreams they dreamt.

She looked deep into her eyes and promised her 2.5 yrs old girl that she will kill the monster who had touched her, the monster who snatched those dreams.

55 word fiction : Dream


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Surrounded both side by her sisters, under the pholon ki chadar held by her brothers, eyes shy but full of dreams she was slowly walking towards her life and then the unimaginable happened. She slipped…

Smiling to herself, she decided that its gonna be only flats only for the d-day. Thank god for some dreams

55 word fiction : Weighing Machine


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Aaah what a delight this one, just the perfect one

Ouchie you are hurting me, you are so heavy

Light as a feather, come back tomorrow again darling

You could do with some more food dear, you could

Go run another 5km on the treadmill

Said the gym weighing machine to itself through the day


55 word fiction : That tender kiss


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She looked at him losing track of time

She looked at him with tenderness and with love

She looked at him with fear and with apprehensions

She looked at him for a long long time before she picked up the bundle of joy and placed a tender kiss on her first born’s forehead letting the tears flow



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